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    *NEYMAR JR* NOW in Fortnite SEASON 6!

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    I think I found something interesting here it is if you go north west of slurpy swamp and south of holly hedges in the water you will find a vent. what is that?

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    Where do you redeem the code

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    What does a gamer turn there tv on with a emote control

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    Batman +man cake battle c ake

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    They need to change Harleys hair to red an black

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    5:10 so thats why there is a rebirth harley

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    4:17 I want that music!

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    What is a Fortnite player’s favorite era...the 90’s🤣

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    Why is it so hard for fornite players to find a girl with a name that starts with L? because everyone else are all taking the L's!!

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    Why does mando use bowls? Because he is a mandoBOWLian!

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    Dude the officer is named officer Gordon Batman's friend in Gotham City

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    This is me rating the Harley Quinn outfit from one to to is A 10

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    It is commissioner Gordon

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    Why do girls get excited when they see lightning? They think someone's taking a picture!

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