NEW Season 6 BOSSES & MYTHIC WEAPON Locations - Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 Update

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NEW Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 Update adds NEW Fortnite NPC and BOSS Locations on the Map, today we cover NPC Boss Locations, Season 6 Mythic Weapons, and Exotic Weapon Locations!
ALL NPC's and BOSSES: Boss NPC Bandolette, Gutbomb, Big chuggus, Blaze, Tess, Bunker Jonesey, Burn out, Bush ranger, Cole, Deadfire, Dummy, Farmer steel, Kyle, Snow sniper, Ragnarok, Remedy, Splode, Reaper, Crustina , Trigger fish, Turk, Cluck, Raven, Tarana, Raz, Lara, Shade, Jules, Rex, Cabbie, Wreck raider, Suntan specialist, Cast away Jones, Slurp Jonesey, Grill sergeant, Jonesy The First, Sash sergeant, Raptor, Black heart, The good doctor, Power chord, Stage slayer, Willow, Cob, Zenith Boss, Mythic Spire Jump Boots, and Other Mythic Weapon Locations in Season 6 alongside Exotic Weapon Locations!
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